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Livestream production manager

Hi, I’m Anton Shulke (The Livestream Guy) and, as the nickname suggests, I am a livestream production manager. Since 2015 I have worked on live events, webinars and podcasts for leading companies in the SEO industry such as Duda, Semrush and Kalicube.

Head of Influencer Marketing at Duda.

I currently work as Head of Influencer Marketing at Duda. I am in charge of organizing and managing livestreams, webinars, podcasts and other online events with leading influencers in the digital marketing field.

Previous position at Semrush.

From 2015 to July 2021, I worked at Semrush as Head of Influencer Marketing (SEO & PPC). At Semrush I produced over 500 livestreams with digital marketing industry experts such as Larry Kim, Joe Pulizzi, Bill Slawski, Aleyda Solis, Jason Barnard, Eric Enge, Barry Schwartz, Rand Fishkin and John Mueller (Search Liaison at Google). My role here was mostly pre-show: defining the format of each session, choosing the topic, booking industry leading guests and promoting the event.

Kalicube Tuesdays

Since 2020 I have worked as livestream production manager on over 100 episodes of the Kalicube Tuesdays series. My role as production manager spans booking guests, organizing the show, technical testing and running each episode. Guests include Andy Crestodina, Mark Schaefer, Cindy Krum, David Amerland, Dennis Yu, Neal Schaffer…

I also appeared as a guest, including this Kalicube Tuesdays Retrospective!

My approach to Livestreaming.

My official job title at Semrush is Influencer Lead for Core Product (SEO & PPC). My unofficial title is The Livestream Guy. Why ‘influencer lead’ and not a livestream guy or webinar guy? For me, the livestream is not the finished product, it is simply a platform for driving Influencer Marketing. My conclusion after over 500 online events: Livestreaming is one of the best and most cost-effective Influencer Marketing tools. Everybody wins: the experts a speaking opportunity and an opportunity to promote themselves and their services to a worldwide audience through YouTube, the organizer gains credibility through their association with thought leaders, and the audience gets a good conversation and great insights from the best in the world!

My Backstory

I started livestream by chance. After obtaining a PhD in Mathematics at Moscow State University, I moved first to the UK, then Spain running multiple companies including a bank, a cocktail bar and an Internet Café. By 2015 I had moved to Ukraine and was teaching English and Spanish… one of my students worked for Webpromo, a Ukrainian digital marketing agency that had driven a lot of business through Russian language webinars. They invited me to join their team to manage the events, and over the next 24 months, I organized over 100 livestream events before being head-hunted by Semrush. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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